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CARTER Vince (1977) United States / Basket-ball
Compared with Michael Jordan in terms of explosive thrust and speed of execution, this American basketball winger led a team of NBA players to Olympic victory at the Sydney 2000 Games. The US side beat France 85:75 in the final.Another similarity with "Air" Jordan is that Carter also studied at the University of North Carolina and in 1999 earned the title of best rookie of the season.Carter also holds a number of records in various aspects of his chosen sport. He's the best dunker, scored the highest number of points in a single match (51) and is an excellent defender. He's the mascot of the NBA Championships together with those who accompanied him on the podium in Sydney: Alonzo Mourning, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd and captain Gary Payton, who already won an Olympic gold in Atlanta in 1996.

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