Rio 2016
122 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-431 days
Tokyo 2020
-1327 days
The Olympic games are heralded by an opening ceremony and brought to an end by a closing ceremony. It was Pierre de Coubertin who wanted these ceremonies to set the Olympic Games apart from other international competitions.During the opening ceremony, all the Olympic creeds are conveyed. The Olympic flag is first to enter the stadium, and precedes the arrival of all the delegations. Next, the Olympic flame arrives, and an athlete uses it to light the Olympic cauldron. The flame must remain lit throughout the games. After the flame, comes the Olympic speech, which is followed by the athletes' oath, who, "swear to compete for the glory of sport and the honour of their country".The opening ceremony continues with a pageantry directed by a renowned choreographer.The closing ceremony is generally a more sober affair.The Olympic flame is extinguished, and a much smaller parade of the participating nations' athletes is organised. The closing show is usually a more restrained event.This ceremony reaches its climax when the current hosts and the organisers of the next Olympic games gather together, and the Olympic flag is handed over. The name of the future town to host the games blazes in letters of fire in the stadium.
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