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CHARPENTIER Robert (1906 - 1966) France / Cycling
The best cyclist of the 1936 Berlin games owes his three gold medals more to his team mates than to his own talents. Having won both the track event and the road race as part of the French team, he was also victorious in the individual road race. However, to achieve this, he needed the support of team mate Guy Lapebie, who was leading the sprint. The unconfirmed story of this race was that Charpentier grabbed Lapebie's jersey, thus holding him back so that he could cross the finishing line before his team mate. Fortunately, to avoid France being penalised in any way, Lapebie made no complaint about the incident. Charpentier, who began his cycling career delivering meat by bicycle, later became a professional rider. He never achieved any convincing results.
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