Rio 2016
125 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-428 days
Tokyo 2020
-1324 days
The Canadian Ben Johnson remains the most flagrant Olympic cheat in the eyes of the world after he tested positive to drugs after winning the 100 m at the Seoul games and shattered the world record.But many others, whether or not they use drugs, infringe the ethical rule of sport that states that every athlete have an equal chance with rivals. A programme was set up in 1999 to combat the use of illegal drugs and to clean up the games.Other cheats before Johnson have been shown up during the games.Fred Lorz, who came first in the marathon in Paris in 1900, was denounced and eliminated for doing part of the course in a car. On the other hand the American Thomas Hicks, who won it four years later in Saint Louis and had used drugs was declared the winner anyway.Another case was that of a Soviet pentathlete who adjusted the electronics on his weapon in a fencing event so that the light would switch on even if he did not touch his opponent according to the rules. He was instantly disqualified.Cheats existed even in classical times. Athletes caught in the act or who attempted to bribe judges at Olympia used to be flogged in public!
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