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CLARY Justinien de (1860-1933) France
This former Olympic rifle shooter, who took part in the 1900 Paris games and won a bronze medal, went on to become president of the French Olympic committee. He pushed for the creation of the winter games, thus going against Swedish Colonel Balk's wishes, who until then, had been the organiser of the Nordic games.Being one of Coubertin's friends, Balk thought he would be able to have the project scrapped. However, his stubborn refusal to allow the figure skating event to take place for the 1912 Stockholm games irritated some of the I.O.C. members. He naturally wanted to protect the interests of the Nordic games.War then hit Europe, but this incident was not forgotten.It was during an I.O.C. meeting in 1921 that Count Clary put the creation of a week-long international winter sports games to the vote. This was to be the prelude to the 1924 Chamonix winter Olympic games.From this time on, the Nordic games ceased to exist
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