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COMANECI Nadia (1962) Roumania / Gymnastics
Undoubtedly one of the gymnastic world's greatest stars. She was discovered at the 1976 Montreal games, at the tender age of 14. The little Rumanian girl attained the top score of 10, seven times over, a hitherto unheard of achievement. She won 4 gold medals.Four years later in Moscow, she won the gold medal for both the floor exercises and the beam. Daring to execute movements no-one else had ever tried, Nadia Comaneci completely dominated women's gymnastics and became darling of spectators and the media.Having been a privileged member of Ceaucescu's regime, she had to flee her country in 1991 when the Ceaucescu's reign came to an end. She found sanctuary in the United States, and today, she is a representative for world gymnastics.

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