Rio 2016
123 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-430 days
Tokyo 2020
-1326 days
At the 1972 Munich games, a Palestinian commando group took athletes and Israeli team executives hostage, having made their way in to the Olympic village. Their aim was to draw attention to the Palestinian cause. After lengthy discussions with the fedayeen guerrillas, resulting in something akin to a solution, the hostage situation ended up in a blood bath. Nine athletes were killed, along with five terrorists, a policeman and one pilot.Feelings ran very high throughout the world. Never before had the Olympics, symbol of fraternity between the people of the world, been violated in this way and used as a sounding board for a political cause.The I.O.C.'s president at the time, Avery Brundage, took the very controversial decision to order the continuation of the games. A few weeks later, he was replaced by the Irishman Lord Killanin.After the recent peace agreements signed between Palestine and Israel, and the long and difficult journey to lasting peace on the verge of getting underway, Palestine has just been invited to take part in the International Olympic Committee and the games.

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