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COUBERTIN Pierre de Fredy, Baron (1863 - 1937) France / IOC
He was the father of the modern Olympics and founder of the games. A firm believer that sport is an essential element for a man's development, and having devoted much thought, and written about his convictions, in 1894, he put his idea of restoring the Olympic games to representatives from around the world. Two years later in Athens, his dream came true. He then created the International Olympic Committee.Passionately involved in his work, Coubertin wrote a great deal, and under a nom de plume, he won a gold medal for literature at the 1912 Stockholm games. Whatever is said about Coubertin, he devoted his life and fortune to the restoration of the games.He stepped down in 1925, after almost thirty years as active president, whilst remaining honorary president of the I.O.C. It was he who laid down the principle rules of the Olympic movement, and these are still valid today.He died in Geneva in 1937, not very far from the I.O.C. headquarters in Lausanne.As a homage to his devotion to the Olympic cause, and in accordance with his last wishes, his heart is immured in a marble stele at the centre of the Olympian site.
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