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DASSLER Adie and Horst (Germany)
A small-time cobbler in Herzogenaurach, Germany, Adie Dassler could not have been aware of the impact that the brand he created would have on the world of sport for years to come. It was he who designed and made the running shoes that would allow the American Jesse Owens to be crowned four times Olympic champion at the Berlin games of 1936. In the aftermath of these events he created Adidas (Adie-Dassler), whilst his brother Rudolf, with whom he was in dispute, created puma.Yet, it was the son of Adie, Horst Dassler, who made Addidas into a leading international brand, especially during the seventies and eighties. He was an influential member of the Olympic movement until his death in 1987, and helped the IOC change from being a gentle natured gathering of countries to a veritable company, a sporting power with political influence.

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