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DE BRUIJN Inge (1975) Holland / Swimming
This Dutch swimmer was one of the queens of the Sydney 2000 Games. She won her country three Olympic gold medals, as did fellow countrymen Peter van den Hoogenbrand in the men's swimming competition and Leontien Ziljaard-Van Moorsel in the cycling.The world record-holder in the 50 and 100 metre freestyle and the 100 metre butterfly, she was victorious in all three of her events in Sydney. She is therefore the best sprinter of the present time. This glorious triple was achieved ten years after she made her European debut.In the meanwhile she has taken the time to enjoy life, move to the United States and fashion herself a powerful body the same way it is done in the army. She practices martial arts, weightlifting and covers the obligatory long distances in the pool. However, her late success has done much to feed rumours about doping.
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