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DE VINCENZI Jean Pierre ( 1960) France / Basket-ball
The coach of the French basketball team that reached the final at the Sydney 2000 Olympics had to wait a long time before he could produce a silver medal-winning generation of players. In the final, the French faced a professional team of American NBA players including Vince Carter and Alonzo Mourning. Their defeat was more than honourable: 85:75. It is also better than when France was pulverised 65:23 by the United States during the final of the 1948 Games in London.De Vincenzi knows most of the players in the French team since they were juniors. That's how the team comprising Sciarra, Rigaudeau, Bilba, Weiss and Bonato was able to more than fulfil his hopes. Since then "JPDV", as he is known, has moved away from courtside to become the national technical director.
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