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EGERSZEGI Krystina (1974) Hungary / Swimming
This Hungarian was the best woman backstroke swimmer of the nineties. Already a gold medallist in Seoul in the 200 m backstroke, she carried out a grand slam in Barcelona, winning the 100 m, 200 m and 400 m medley.Again present in Atlanta in 96, she won a new gold medal for the 200 m backstroke before winning the bronze in the 400 m medley. To this day, she is the female swimmer who has won the most gold medals; five in total, of which three were won at consecutive games in the 200 m backstroke. Her pure and fluid style impressed the Olympic spectators just as much as her slim figure, so different from her East German rivals, who often weighed almost 15 kilos more than her. The woman nicknamed "the mouse" amassed one of the greatest collections of prizes in the swimming world purely through hard work. As a child, the young Krystina would get up as early as 5am to reconcile her studies with her sport.
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