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ENGQUIST Ludmilla (1964) Sweden / Track and field
Born in the Soviet Union, married and initially known by the name of Narochilenko, Ludmilla Engquist has many bad memories of the Olympics. She fell in the 100 metre hurdles in Seoul and was injured at the Barcelona Games.Later, she tested positive and was banned from competing for two years. She divorced the man she held responsible for her suspension, married her agent and adopted Swedish nationality.That was when her luck changed. She became the Olympic champion in Atlanta and the world champion in Athens in 1997 in the 100 metre hurdles. But fate was to catch up with her. She contracted and beat cancer, eventually retiring from athletics just weeks before the Sydney Olympics. Even so, she would like to take part in the Salt Lake City winter Olympics and is preparing to compete in the first Olympic women's bobsleigh event.
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