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EWRY Ray Clarence (1873 - 1937) United States / Track and field
This outstanding American athlete was a phenomenon at the beginning of the century. He won ten gold medals, which is still the absolute record, some of which were in disciplines that are no longer part of the Olympic programme, in particular, the standing high jump.Ewry was such an exceptional athlete that his name remains in the pantheon of the Olympic movement.However, seemingly cured by a miracle, he should never have been able to walk. He only regained the use of his legs as an adult, having strangely suffered from paralysis since childhood.Ewry greatest strength was his elasticity that earned him the name of "the rubber man", and helped him to a haul of 10 gold medals at the Olympic games in Paris (1900) and Saint Louis (1904). He later became a mechanical engineer and had an important post in New York state.
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