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FOSBURY Dick (1947) United States / Track and field
The planet was stunned by this high-jumper when they saw, at the Mexico games in '68, his strange jumping style, a style which enabled him to become Olympic champion, jumping the height of 2,24 m.For the first time, an athletes shoulders passed the bar before the legs, unlike with the roll technique that was used up until that moment in time. Dick Fosbury had created a style that all high jumpers would adopt and one that bore his name: the fosbury flop. However, when he was a student, his coach refused to work with him because he believed Fosbury would never succeed. Fosbury refused to do the forward roll.This technique is still used today, enabling athletes to jump bars at a height of nearly 2,50 m. As for Fosbury, he found it difficult to capitalise on his success. He travelled round the world trying to find a cure for his terrible nervous depression. When he returned to the United States, he pursued a career as an engineer and tried his luck again - albeit unsuccessfully - at the Munich Games in 1972.
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