Rio 2016
123 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-430 days
Tokyo 2020
-1326 days
The first games in the modern era were organized in Athens in 1896 and were thenceforth held every four years. There were one or two exceptions. They were not held in 1916 because of the First World War, nor in 1940 and 1944 because of the Second World War. The first Winter games were organized in 1924, in the French town of Chamonix. Since that date they have been held every four years in a town or a ski resort, with the exception of the war years, during the Second World War. In 1992 it was decided that the Winter games would be held two years after the Summer games and this has been the case since 1994. In keeping with the Ancient tradition, the games are organized by cities and not nations. The games venues are designated seven years before they are held so as to give the cities time to prepare. Organizing the Olympic games is no simple matter.
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