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GEREVICH Aladar (1910 - 1991), Hungary / Fencing
In spite of his seven gold medals, this Hungarian fencer has did not leave a permanent mark on the Olympic record books other than the fact that he won medals at every Olympics between 1932 and 1960. In fact he only ever obtained one individual medal for the sabre at the London games in 1948. All the others were team medals. At his side on the podium was fellow countryman Pal Kovacs, who won six gold medals between 1936 and 1960.Despite this, he did become a model for young Hungarian fencers. At the age of 50 he was again part of the team that went to the Rome Olympics. He helped young, up and coming Hungarian fencers to win the team medal again. His son Pal won two bronze medals in Munich in 1972 and Moscow in 1980.
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