Rio 2016
121 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-432 days
Tokyo 2020
-1328 days
Created in the Fifties and Sixties by the US Defense Department under the name "Arpanet", the Internet is now a wonderful communication tool with hundreds of millions of users around the globe. Today it allows anyone with a computer or other communication device to connect to any other person likewise connected anywhere on the planet.Nonetheless, suspicion about this new powerful yet not always controllable medium meant that the new generation of journalists who work for the Net weren't able to cover the Millennium Games. The IOC did not give them accreditation.Even so, the Olympic movement has long understood how interesting the Internet is. During the Sydney Games, 35 million surfers visited the IOC's official site, creating 9 billion page impressions. Less than a million visitors were counted at the IOC's site during the winter Olympics in Nagano.So for the forthcoming winter Games in Salt Lake City, the Internet allows people the world over to reserve tickets for entry to the various stadiums.
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