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JOHNSON Ben (1961), Canada / Track and field
When this Canadian athlete became Olympic champion and World record holder over 100 metres in the Olympic stadium at the 1988 Seoul games, everyone cheered his extraordinary exploit. Forty-eight hours later, a medical press release stated that the Canadian had taken banned anabolic steroids. Everyone knew but no one had said anything. He had in fact been nicknamed Benoid because of his partiality for anabolic steroids. Stripped of his title and his advertising contracts, Johnson was requested to return home immediately. This exclusion was to prove salutary in the fight against banned drugs. However, Johnson didn't give up. After a two-year exclusion, he was back in Barcelona in 1992. However, he failed to reach the finals and was eventually excluded from the Olympic village. He was once again convicted of taking banned substances a few months later and excluded from all competition for life. However, Johnson was allowed to continue his sporting career in 1999, though not in athletics. He tested negative on three occasions. For the second, he was convicted of having taken a masking agent to conceal the use of anabolic steroids. That day, Johnson broke a sad record: he became the first athlete to fail three drugs tests.
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