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JOYNER-KERSEE Jackie (1962), United States / Track and field
The only athlete to win more than 7000 points at the Seoul games in 1988, this American heptathlon athlete is no doubt the best of her generation. She also won a second gold medal. She was again in the running at the Barcelona Games, where she put on an almost equally perfect performance. She became the Olympic heptathlon champion for the second time and only finished third in the long-jump.Although she injured herself in the heptathlon in Atlanta, she won another bronze medal in the long-jump. However, her name and those of her training partners, the sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner and the long jumper Al Joyner, her brother, are tainted with a whiff of banned drugs. The first concerned was Bob Kersee, her husband and trainer. He brushed off the suspicions surrounding his methods, remarking that the laboratories which carry out the tests on his athletes had always returned a negative verdict. After retiring from competition, Jackie Joyner-Kersee returned to her first love - basketball - where she became a coach.
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