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KRAENZLEIN Alvin (1876-1928) United States / Track and field
One of the greatest champions of the early 20th century, winning four gold medals at the same games.His quadruple success came in Paris in 1900. Kraenzlein was distance champion in the absence of Prinstein, his most dangerous competitor, who chose not to take part so as not to run on a Sunday. The two champions could have clashed on the Monday, but Kraenzlein refused. The two men even got into a fight over the matter.However, this title was not won by default, as over the next few days he took the 110 m hurdles, the 60 m and the 200 m hurdles. The last two disciplines disappeared from the Olympic programme many years ago. Above all, Kraenzlein was a marvellous hurdler, who invented the technique of jumping with the leg outstretched over the hurdle.
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