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LADOUMEGUE Jules (1906-1973) France / Track and Field
Along with Finn Paavo Nurmi, Jules Ladoubmègue was the world's top middle distance runner in the nineteen twenties. Too young, he was overtaken in the 1500 m at Amsterdam in 1928 and took home the silver medal.Four years later in Los Angeles, he was the clear favourite over the distance, having in the meantime broken 10 world records in the 1500 and 5000 m. Unfortunately for him, the rules at that time were merciless. For slightly bending the rules of amateurism, he was banned from all the competitions. Heavy hearted, he watched his long-time rival run to victory, the Italian Beccali, whom he had always beaten.Ladoumègue never recovered from that heavy blow. After a career as a music hall artist, he died in despair, penniless.
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