Rio 2016
128 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-425 days
Tokyo 2020
-1321 days
The principle of these events is straightforward: to jump as far as possible from the take-off bord, in a single stride in the case of the long jump and in three strides in the case of the triple jump.In order for records to be recognised officially, wind speed must not be greater than 2 m per second.In classical times contestants in the long jump would hold weights in their hands and swing their arms forward to give them greater momentum.The history of the long jump records that the American Jesse Owens was the first to break the 8 m barrier. But in 1968 US athlete Bob Beamon who leapt an astonishing 8.95 m in the long jump, pulverizing the world record by over 50 centimetres.The first requirement of a long jumper is to be a fast runner in order to give the body enough momentum. This is why many sprinters have won the event, beginning with Carl Lewis, who was four times Olymoic champion between 1984 and 96.The history of the triple jump is marked by the names Prinstein, Ferreira Da Silva, Schmidt and especially Sanaeiev, who were all several times champions.
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