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LOUGANIS Greg (1960) United States / Diving
The greatest diver of all time, winning both the springboard and the high platform in 1984 and 1988.The quadruple Olympic champion, who has also collected many world titles, is a technical virtuoso.At the 1988 games in Seoul, Louganis had just found out that he was HIV-positive. An injury sustained during his first dive decided him to withdraw from the competition. But after a few stitches, he got back on the diving board and won.But it really is a miracle that the child that started life in a children's home became a diving champion.When he was very small, Greg Louganis had a terrible fear of heights! Under the guidance of Samuel Lee, an Olympic champion in the Fifties who quickly recognised he had the makings of a champion, Louganis learnt how to dive and overcame his vertigo. After retiring from competition, Louganis published a book about the choices he faced in his life and his fight against AIDS. He is now a spokesman on AIDS.
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