Rio 2016
121 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-432 days
Tokyo 2020
-1328 days
Today the press occupy an essential place in the Olympic movement. During the games, newspapers the world over increase their circulation considerably according to the exploits of their compatriots. And yet, at the beginning of the century, the games only held slight interest for the papers. A large country like France, for instance, had only one special envoy at the Athens games in 1896 and that was the writer and journalist Charles Maurras, known for his nationalistic and monarchist ideas, denouncing the cosmopolitan ideas of international sport and the predominance of the English language. Since then television has been showing the exploits of the athletes live, supplanting the importance of the newspapers. For instance, when the French newspaper l'Equipe, suggested that delegations give up their flags and their hymns, given the boycott of most Western countries in 1980, only 16 showed any support.
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