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OERTER Alfred (1936) United States / Track and field
This American remains to this day the greatest discus thrower in history.Al Oerter, who was Olympic champion four times between 1956 and 1968, needed only a single try in Melbourne to win his first gold medal. He was then a mathematics student and only twenty years old.Four years later he hurled his discus more than 59 m and won a second title. He then took up muscle building and threw the discus 61 m in Tokyo before nearing 65 m in Mexico for a fourth gold medal.He did not take part in the Munich games because he had lost too much weight, and his heart was not into going to Montreal, but Oerter was surely able to win many more medals.In 1980 he could have taken part in the Moscow games if the Americans had not boycotted them. He remains the best thrower in America.This fine athlete who loved competing even more than medals became an IT engineer.
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