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ABRAHAMS Harold (1899 - 1978) Great Britain / Track and Field
Made famous by the film The Chariots of Fire , which tells his story and that of his fellow countryman Eric Lidell, Harold Abrahams, then a young British student, won the 1924 Olympic title in Paris for the 100 m. He narrowly missed winning a second gold medal in the 4x100 m relay, having to settle for the silver. Abrahams, who came from a Jewish family, worked hard to win a gold medal at the Paris Games. As is shown in the film, he hired a professional coach, Sam Mussabini, to achieve his aims. Mussabini had previously been the mentor of Reggie Walker, who won the 100 metres at the 1908 Olympics in London.It is worth remembering that until his death, Abrahams dined in Paris every year on the anniversary of his victory with New Zealander Poritt, who finished third in the race.

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