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OTTEY Merlene (1960) Jamaica - Slovenia / Track and Field
Merlene Ottey has one of the finest athletic records in the world, yet never became an Olympic champion. Bronze and Silver medals rewarded her Olympic finals, which were always brilliant but never victorious.She did win three gold medals, but these were in the world championships in 1993 and 1995At Atlanta she went for the gold in the 200 m race, hoping to beat the French runner Marie-Josée Pérec, but once again had to give way. After testing positif for nandrolone in '99, a result that she contested, she was disqualified from the world championships. Unless she is proven to be guilty of taking banned substances, the International Athletics Federation has authorised her to resume competition just before the Sydney games. She took part in the 4x100 m relay winning a silver medal as part of the Jamaican team, yet her presence in Sydney had been in question for a long time, several Jamaican athletes having staged a protest in the Olympic village at her inclusion in the team.This end to her career spoiled 20 years spent at the top level. But in 2002, Merlene Ottey's request to run for Slovenia instead of her native Jamaica. She was granted Slovenian citizenship earlier this year.

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