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OTTO Kristin (1966) Germany / Swimming
This German swimmer was queen of the Seoul games, which also revealed another swimmer, the American Janet Evans, who won three gold medals.Otto did even better, winning six gold medals for three different strokes: free-style, butterfly and backstroke. This record demonstrated the extent of her talent and her physical capabilities. She was rewarded for this feat with a very valuable gold crown.Although she had achieved a feat comparable to that of Mark Spitz in 1972 her return went almost unnoticed.She was a victim of the enduring suspicion in which East German swimmers were held. Yet this tall girl had a staggering record and deserved better than the scorn she was shown. She soon gave up swimming due to back problems.But Otto's career was tarnished for a good many years later, when an American laboratory claimed to have proof that all the top East German swimmers of the 1980s used drugs. Having become a journalist, she did not deny these allegations, only stating the she did not know the nature of the products that she was injected with.
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