Rio 2016
128 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-425 days
Tokyo 2020
-1321 days
Doctor James Naismith, from Springfield College in Massachusetts, invented basketball and set down the rules of the game in 1891. The popularity of this sport became widespread amongst American students. The game took three years to cross the Atlantic to Europe.This spectacular sport, which arouses fervent support from the spectators present in the halls where matches take place, nevertheless had to wait until 1936 to be included as an Olympic sport. From this date onwards, the Americans have practically always won the basketball titles, except for the 1980 games, when Yugoslavia took the gold medal; although this was only logical, as the Americans boycotted these games to protest against the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan. In 1992, the first professional team was invited to take part. The team was named «The Dream Team». Two of the NBA's ( the North American professional league) biggest stars, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan led the team to victory. Since then the Americans have picked up more Olympic titles by fielding teams of NBA professionals.
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