Rio 2016
126 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-427 days
Tokyo 2020
-1323 days
An urgent need to relieve himself caused a judge to leave his position on the finishing line of the 3000 m steeplechase. The runners did 3400 m, a whole extra lap.On a more serious note, urine tests are now used to detect traces of illegal substances in athletes' bodies. Urine samples are each kept in two separate bottles so that second opinions can be given on request by the athlete concerned. However urine tests are considered to be less and less reliable given the increasing sophistication of drugs. Therefore all tests to detect EPO during the Sydney games were of two sorts: urine and blood tests.Now a new method is used. Officials conduct random tests throughout the year, both during and outside competition periods, in order to catch athletes who cheat in this way in the act.
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