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PERKINS Kieren (1973) Australia / Swimming
In what seems to be almost a tradition in Australia, this swimmer came to the sport following health problems in early childhood.He had gone through a plate glass door while playing with his brother, and was made to swim to rebuild muscles after the accident.A few years later he had become the world's top performer in the 1500 free style event for which he got the gold medal in Barcelona in 1992, only a few days after coming second in the 400 m. He retained his gold medal for the 1500 m in Atlanta without opposition.But all good stories must come to and end. During the Sydney games in 2000, Perkins bore witness to the emergence of a young countryman and rival, Steve Hackett. The latter, though full of admiration for his senior, was not overawed, as he won gold and left Perkins to settle for the de la médaille d'argent.
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