Rio 2016
120 days
Pyeongchang 2018
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Tokyo 2020
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ROSE Murray Ian (1939) Australia / Swimming
Was one of the youngest Olympic swimming champions of all times. He was barely eighteen years old when he won the 400 m and 1500 m free style and the 4x200 m at the Melbourne games in 1956. With his compatriot Dawn Fraser he enabled Australia to take the lion's share of swimming medals in front of his fellow countrymen.This swimmer, who originally came from Britain, owes his success to a phenomenal power of acceleration at the end of a lap.Four years later in Rome he kept his 400 m title and got the silver medal for the 1500 m.He dreamed of a hat-trick in Tokyo in 1964, but his federation excluded him from selection for the national team on the grounds that he had made improper comments about the Australian officials. He followed the games from the stands, since his qualification in communication studies in the USA enabled him to work for one of the big American TV channels.
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