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ROUSSEAU Florian (1974) France / Cycling
Florian Rousseau, who with Félicia Ballanger was leader of the excellent French track cycling team that won nine medals including four gold at Atlanta in 1996, is certainly the top track racer of the 1990s.After being world champion of the 1 km event five times he doubled with the speed event for which he won the world titles in 1997.In Georgia he won the gold medal for the 1 km, an event that he had already dominated for four years. Yet it was in Sydney that he definitively became a legend. Olympic team sprint champion along with countrymen Gané and Tournant, several days later he won the first Olympic Keirin title, a collective sprint event invented in Japan. He would without doubt won another gold medal during hsi stay in Australia for the individual sprint, were it not for the fact that he was exhausted after a semi-final against his countryman Laurent Gané. He thus lost the final to the American Nothstein.But who cares, this model of professional conscientiousness, cut out to become national team coach, has probably not finished adding to his roll of honour.
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