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SAINT LOUIS - United States
The 1904 Saint Louis games are ones of evil memory. The Olympic movement was still in its youth, and its members were not sufficiently aware of ethical transgressions that took place.These games were openly racist, as was maybe to be expected in the segregationist climate of America in those days.Some of the organisers decided to have African, Asian and South American peoples compete in sports of which they knew nothing. Some thought this highly comical; it was simply scandalous. These entertainments were called "anthropological" days, and nobody seemed offended by them, starting with Coubertin who, fearing that the Olympic games that he had revived might disappear, turned a deaf ear to international criticism.These games had originally been attributed to Chicago, but the US President at the time, Theodore Roosevelt, unfortunately as it turned out insisted on Missouri so that they should coincide with the Universal Exhibition that was being held there.Because of its Saint Louis' remoteness very few foreign athletes travelled to the games, and the Americans had a field day in medals.
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