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SAINT MORITZ - Switzerland
This elegant Swiss ski resort hosted the winter games in 1928 before being chosen again for the 1948 games.In 1928 the games started under falling snow in cold weather, but then the sun came out, the weather turned very warm, and the organisers had to put a temporary stop to the events: the ice rinks and pistes had become unusable.These games turned the Finnish speed skater Clas Thunberg, the Norwegian cross country skier Thorleif Haug and the skaters Gragstrom and Soja Henje into stars.Following the failure two years earlier in organising a new version of the Northern games, the Saint Moritz gathering can be said to have definitely launched the winter Olympic games.In 1948 Switzerland, which had been neutral, was unaffected by the war. It was thus in a good position to host the games which were not attended by Germany and Japan.These winter games took the Olympics into the modern age. The most obvious sign of this was the great crows of radio reporters on the spot.The games revealed two real champions: the American skater Dick Button and the French skier Henri Oreiller.
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