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SAVON Felix (1967) Cuba / Boxing
In Sydney, by winning his third gold medal in the 91 kg category, the Cuban boxer Felix Savon became a legend just like other great Olympic pugilists such as Lazlo Papp or fellow Cuban Teofilo Stevenson.A gold medal winner in Barcelona and Atlanta, Savon's roll of honour would have probably been more prestigious had Cuba not boycotted the games in Seoul. With six world championship titles, he has been champion since 1986. He has an extraordinarily long reach which enables him to keep his opponents at a good distance. In Sydney, cut above the arch of the eyebrow during the semi-final, he tried everything to avoid being hit again, but with 30 seconds left before the end of the bout, his Russian opponent Ibgagimov hit the bull's-eye. Savon benefitted from the referees indulgence who stopped the fight for medical reasons, thus allowing the Cuban boxer to finish his career with an impressive roll of honour of 380 victories for only 17 defeats.He should now go on to use his university diplomas to the advantage of a country to which he has remained faithful in spite of being made numerous propositions to turn professional and to fight against those who dominate the professional boxing scene.

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