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SCHRANZ Karl (1938) Austria / Alpine skiing
The sporting career of this Austrian skier is a long series of misfortunes. Yet Schranz remains one of the great figures of world skiing, and one of the greatest downhill racers.At Innsbruck he made a mess of things and only got a silver in slalom. In 1968 in Grenoble he coincided with Killy who was then the undisputed master. He thought for a moment that he might have won a gold medal in slalom, but was disqualified for having missed a gate.Finally in Sapporo in 1972 he was disqualified even before the games began for professional activities. His comments in the press on the pseudo amateurism of skiers angered the president of the ICO, Avery Brundage, who demanded his disqualification.Schranz, then thirty-three years old, decided to retire from competition.
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