Rio 2016
125 days
Pyeongchang 2018
-428 days
Tokyo 2020
-1324 days

Tibet talks 'going very well' - May 6, 2008
The closed-door meeting on Sunday in the southern city of Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, was the first since an anti-Beijing riot in Lhasa and unrest rocked Tibet and nearby areas in March."They [the envoy... Read more

Beijing starts 100-day countdown - April 30, 2008
China began counting down 100 days to the Beijing Olympics on Wednesday with songs, a mass run and prayers, as the torch arrived back on Chinese soil after a tumultuous world tour. Unlike run-ups to r... Read more

Seven Sports Considered For 2016 Games - April 25, 2008
International Olympic Committee (IOC) spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau said Friday the IOC sent letters to the world governing bodies of seven sports notifying them that they are on the list for consider... Read more

Genetic fluke masks doping - April 24, 2008
A genetic variant common among East Asians masks the use of performance-enhancing testosterone prohibited in top-level sports competition, according to a new study. Athletes with a slightly different... Read more

In Paris, Olympic torch ignites protests - April 7, 2008
The Olympic torch made a tortured and much-interrupted journey through Paris on Monday, at various points hustled off the street, carried into a tunnel, transferred to a bus, and extinguished as Frenc... Read more

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